Monday, June 22, 2009

It was time for me to work on another sewn bear so I pulled out some fabric, cut out a pattern and started stitching away. Tacoa Flutterby is the result:

~ Tacoa Flutterby ~

OOAK Fairy Bear by Mary Robinson of Peachtree Cottage™ Bears

Tacoa Flutterby is chasing butterflies! Tacoa is a little fairy bear with blue wings and two tatted blue butterflies. Her name is Tacoa Flutterby (pronounced "tah-KO-ah Flutter-bee") which means "blue butterfly" in bearese.

Tacoa is a OOAK artist bear that stands at 4 inches and sits at 3 inches tall. She is made from a soft blue frosted furry fabric. She has onyx bead eyes with shading and extra details to give them added depth. Her wings are blue with white and lavender highlights and are semi transparent.

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hookedonthread said...

She is beautiful. I love your work!