Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Catching Up

Wow...I sure need to do a lot of catching up here.  Sorry for not posting for such a long time.  So let's see what I was up to and busy with since August 2014.

Knitting: Mainly I've been doing a lot of knitting.  I've connected with the North Georgia Knitting Guild and have become an active member.  I have made several hats and other charity items.  I've finished (but haven't yet blocked) a knitted shawl, several hats and scarves (all of which need to have pictures taken.

I have also declared this year (2015) to be the "Year of the Sock" for me and finally made my first pair of knitted socks!!

They are a simple 3x1 ribbed socks but they both came out correctly and this encouraged me to sign up for a Knit A Long (KAL) to do a pair of socks each month.  The January socks were called "The Hornet".  I really like how the yarn worked up for these:

Currently I'm working on the February socks and have plans to start another shawl.

Crochet:  I'm still making hats and scarves and writing up patterns, mainly for baby afghans.  I also connected with the local crochet guild group and have been doing some charity items for them and going to meetings.  However there are some personality clashes and I have decided to drop out of that guild/group.  I'll keep hunting until I either find another group or make one of my own.  

Stitch-ins:  All these great activities have connected me with some WONDERFUL people who either knit or crochet or both.  Many of them get together several times a week for social stitch-in's where we stitch on our own individual projects, chat, help one another, laugh, plan outings to local yarn stores, and in general just enjoy each other's company.  Some of these wonderful people have become close friends and I'm sooooo happy to have met them all!

Tatting:  I still have some tatting listed in my Etsy shop and still take orders, however I've noticed more and more that my tatting stresses my hands to the point where they become pain filled.  Because of this I'm slowly weaning off my tatting and concentrating more on my knitting.

Dying Yarn:  LOL Nope I haven't done this yet!...but YET is the keyword here.  I've gathered all the needed materials and tools along with some undyed wool yarn so that I can give this a try.  My plan is to dye some yarn for my own use and sell off some as well.  So keep an eye out at Peachtree Cottage for Hand Dyed Yarn.  I'll be starting out with Sock Yarn and if that goes well I'll then add in Worsted Weight and other sizes.  I've always been told I'm good with color combinations so I think this will be a good alternative activity for me to eventually replace the tatting when my hands won't cooperate for tatting anymore.

Puppies:  We've added another puppy to the household...Allow me to introduce you to Jack Frost, our little Maltese

Sophie and Jack are technically my daughter's dogs and will go with her when she moves.  

Daughter:  My wonderful daughter, Jennifer Robinson, is GETTING MARRIED!  Yep, that's right! She met someone special (Matt Jones) and they have decided to get married in July.  So we are busy busy BUSY with wedding plans and creating things for the wedding, shopping for a dress, etc.

So all of this is what I've been busy with and why I'll continue to be busy for a while more!  I'll try to post more and keep this updated, but to be honest, until after the wedding I'm not sure how much time I'll have for writing posts.

Until the next time...Hugs!

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