Friday, April 25, 2014

Yarn Inspection

Sometimes you just have to sit back, have a laugh, and start over.

I've been working on another new crocheted baby blanket design this week.  After a few days of trial and error to get the right number of stitches, the stitch pattern, etc. worked out I finally got to where I could sit and work on the prototype of the design.  Thinking at that point that I had it easy...just needed to work up the prototype and then fine tune the pattern...well...this happened...LOL

Sophie (on the bottom rolling around in the yarn) and Sawyer (top one saying "You don't see me.  I didn't have that yarn in my mouth.  I'm just laying here.") decided to test the yarn to make sure I was using the best quality yarn available.  The yarn passed the test (whew).  I snipped off the "test yardage" and once again got to restart the afghan.
So...I don't have anything new to show this time because I'm still working on it...(wonder why LOL)...but I thought you all would enjoy these two as much as I did.  I love them dearly and they are always good for a laugh or smile :-)


umi n tsuru said...

How can one be upset? They are having so much fun. Another reason to buy more yarn.

Mary R. said...

I totally agree. I couldn't be upset at them. I could only laugh.