Friday, March 7, 2014

What's Up?

So...what's up with me?  I've been helping my daughter get her new shop, Jen's Craft Cottage ( ) started and stocked up. She will have a supply of handmade crochet washcloths, cup and can cozies, neck warmers, cowls, infinity scarves, and lots more things available.  While helping her research patterns, I also found a very nice pattern for an infinity scarf / cowl so I've made a couple of those too.

A friend of mine shared a picture of what she's been working on (some teddy bears) that I found adorable, so I went looking and found the pattern for the teddy bear and also one for a giraffe that I can't wait to try out.  Another pattern I found that I want to try is for a crochet hook holder.  So I'll probably be spending a lot of my creating time with a hook in hand :-)  Fear not though I'm also still tatting (I have a cross bookmark to make) and making jewelry as well (I have the supplies to make a pretty necklace on the way!)

In addition when I'm letting my hands rest I am still trying to get my Abigail Baby Sweater Set pattern written so that can then be shared with the world.

For this blog I plan to try harder to post 'in process' pictures rather than just the finished items.  But also to share more of my thoughts to make this more of a journal type blog.

So, that's what's up, what will be on the hook and what I plan for the blog.  I hope you all continue to visit and share my love of crafting and creating with me.

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