Monday, January 20, 2014

Lavender and Blue

When I was making my Golden Amber Pearl Beaded Bracelet I kept thinking about how the crystal beads would look pretty in other colors as well.  Then the next trip to my beading supply store and there they were....sets of lavender and blue beads with pink and rose beads to accent them.  So I just HAD to get them and make another bracelet.  This is the result:

The lavender, blue, pink, and rose crystals line the side of a white pearl center row then the white seed beads are added to create a chevron effect.  

My Lavender Blue Crystal Beaded Bracelet is available in either my Zibbet Shop ( ) or my Etsy Shop ( )

Last night I dreamed about making a crystal heart so that's my next project.  I hope to start working on it tonight!


Val said...

OOOHHhhh, WOW, it's stunning. I love the colour combo. Great piece.

Mary R. said...

Thank you very much. :-)