Tuesday, January 14, 2014


As some of you know I've been trying my hand at making some chainmaille jewelry.  I'm really enjoying the process and learning this new skill!   I didn't realize how important the size of the wire gauge and size of the ring (i.e. Aspect Ratio) is, but for some weaves if the Aspect Ratio isn't right the weave either won't work or is too loose.  Who knew I'd need to refresh my math skills to do this!

This is a picture of my attempts at Mobius Rosettes and making them into a bracelet and earrings.  I am learning new chainmaille 'weaves' and hope to have more available soon. 

Available in either my Etsy shop ( http://PeachtreeCottage.etsy.com ) or Zibbet store ( http://www.zibbet.com/PeachtreeCottage ).

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