Monday, December 2, 2013

More Holiday Orders!

Wow, I've had tons of orders for holiday gifts this year.  From bookmarks, to jewelry, to tissue box covers, to hats and scarves, and more!  Whew, I'm a busy little elf right now so not a lot of time for posting.  Can't share pictures of the stuff being made as gifts, but I do have a Tissue Box Cover I can share with you.  The customer was looking for a shade of white that would match her grandmother's thread crocheted bedspread.

I found some Antique White and added white and cream ribbons and I think it is BEAUTIFUL!  The customer said it matched perfectly!

I've also added another design it yourself (DIY) tatted bookmark to my Zibbet shop -  If you're looking for a nice tatted bookmark there are plenty of thread colors to choose from.  This example is Blue River Glades.

This can also be ordered from my Etsy Shop -

Now I'm off to crochet some hats!  Happy Holidays!

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