Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013!

Now the Holiday rush is just about over. I've finished up all my custom orders and special requests. I've been making tatted jewelry, bookmarks, beaded bracelets, tissue box covers and lots more.  I've also been attending some classes to learn some new things.  Now I can spend the rest of my holidays working on new things.  And hopefully will have more free time to share things on this blog better!

What's to come? JEWELRY! I'm working on beaded jewelry and chainmaille jewelry as my new product line for the coming year. I'm also planning on more beaded tatted jewelry too!  I'm excited and can't wait to get a few pieces ready.  They will be available in both my Etsy shop ( ) and my Zibbet store ( )

So here's a big THANK YOU to all my customers and friends who support my business!  Best wishes to you all for a Happy Holiday Season and 2014!

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