Monday, October 15, 2012

Vine Bracelet

I wanted to have a simple bracelet design so I started playing around with some thread.  This is what it ended up being. 

I call it my Vine Bracelet and it's my own design though probably very similar to some simple edgings or things others might have done.  I just tatted, wasn't looking at any pictures or diagrams.  I took notes of what I did so I could make more in other colors if people like this one. 

I think it looks like a vine runing back and forth so I call this my Vine Bracelet.  This particular one was done in Vineyard Harvest Lizbeth thread so its name is Harvest Vine Bracelet.

Update:  I've found a very similar design on however the knot counts are different from the ones I used.  Plus that one has picots that this one does not.  I was not aware of that pattern's existance when I created this without a pattern.

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