Sunday, September 2, 2012

Time & Repetition

Again I find myself asking where does the time go.  Anyone that knows me well knows am I fan of the Big Brother show, which means that during the summers I spend alot of my time watching the live feeds.  This year there was also a new show that caught my attention, also with some live feeds, The Glass House.  So a good bit of my time this past month or so has been spent on those. 

I've also been stitching here and there and working on some baby items, specifically a crocheted, Love Knot Christening Set which includes a christening gown, booties, and blanket.  Plus I also made a Love Knot sweater too.  They need the finishing touches then I will get pictures and post them.

In addtion I also worked on a new pattern, this time for a crocheted hat and scarf set.  I worked up a few of those to test the pattern out well.  Now I'm waiting on a chance to take pictures so I can then make them and the pattern available for purchase.  Yes, I know...I need to take LOTS of pictures!!

Then, like always happens when you least expect it....disaster struck computer's hard drive apparently had some bad sectors on it which caused Windows to not recognize my internet connection.  Five days in the repair shop and $250 later, I now find myself spending my time reloading all my programs and files.  Thank Goodness (!) I had all my important files on a different hard drive, so I didn't lose any of those.  However I did lose all my email and contacts.

I have a tatting project I'm starting to work on and the bearmaking bug is getting under my skin again so I hope to have some more tatting and bears to share soon as well.

I'm also in the midst of updating my website too...and now it's time to get back working on that.



Ruby said...

So sorry to hear about your computer problems! I’m glad to hear that it got sorted out, and that you had your most important files and documents backed up. I’ve had this happen to my thesis work, and I didn’t have all of the files backed up, so there was a major re-do a few days before the defense. I’ve learned my lesson and have my files backed up in several different places since then. I have an external hard drive that I’m very careful with, and I’m now also using online storage, so that I can access my files without having to bring my external hard drive around and risk misplacing it.

Ruby Badcoe

Mary R. said...

You are so right, Ruby. I had my important files on an external hard drive and that's why I still have them today! This is twice now in 2 years that I've lost my computer's main hard drive. It sucks, but this time I was much better prepared!