Monday, June 4, 2012

Playing with New Threads

I just had to play some more with some of my new Lizbeth Threads.  This one is "Scottish Thistle".  I love the softness of the colors and think it worked up wonderfully as a pendant/earring set!

Motif # C2-6:

Available in my Etsy Shop -

Also as a little surprise for a friend of mine, I've worked up another Tissue Box Cover.  She said her house was mainly 'beach' type colors, so I tried to make the colors go with that in mind.  I'm rather pleased with how well it turned out.

This is not available for sale but if anyone wants a similar one or one in different colors, just contact me.  I'll be happy to make one up for you!


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I somehow didn't know about your wrist injury! You must be getting better to do that much crocheting (very nicely done), and to tat those lovely earrings and pendant. Just remember to take it easy!

Mary R. said...

My wrist is getting better but I think some of it will be a permanent loss of movement without pain. If I move it in a certain way there is a sharp searing pain, otherwise it's ok most of the time. So I'm just careful about how I move it :-)

I've been working with yarn, then size 10 thread, then size 20 tatting thread and now size 80 tatting thread. I think I'm good enough on the smaller threads now that my wrist can handle making some more little bears and such. And I have several ideas for them brewing!