Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pink Marble 2

The way I won the Handy Hands free threads was by naming one of their new thread colors.  The name I suggested was used ... Pink Marble.  The thread is a very pretty pink and rose with gray which reminded me of pink marble with gray veins running through it. 

I decided to make a couple of things with it.  First I made a bookmark which I posted about on June 6th, 2012.  This time I made a pendant and matching earrings.

Motif # C2-8:

The pendant and earrings are available in my Tatted Delights Etsy Shop -

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tunisian Baby Sweater

A while back I saw a pretty little baby boy sweater that was done in Tunisian Crochet.  What intrigued me the most about it was the stitch pattern.

I bought the pattern then found that I didn't have the right size Tunisian crochet hook.  It took me a while to find the right one but I finally did and was able to make the sweater.

Neck opening is on the shoulder with three pearly white buttons for closure for ease in dressing the baby.  It is sized for 3-6 months.

This is currently available in my Babywear Boutique Etsy Shop -

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink Marble

Since I won the contest for naming "Pink Marble" I figured I needed to make something with it to show how it works up.  Here's a bookmark I made with it which really shows off the Victorian Rose, Pink and Gray colors.  I'm also working on a pendant and earrings with this thread too

Motif # C2-7:

This is available for purchase in my Etsy Store -

Monday, June 4, 2012

Playing with New Threads

I just had to play some more with some of my new Lizbeth Threads.  This one is "Scottish Thistle".  I love the softness of the colors and think it worked up wonderfully as a pendant/earring set!

Motif # C2-6:

Available in my Etsy Shop -

Also as a little surprise for a friend of mine, I've worked up another Tissue Box Cover.  She said her house was mainly 'beach' type colors, so I tried to make the colors go with that in mind.  I'm rather pleased with how well it turned out.

This is not available for sale but if anyone wants a similar one or one in different colors, just contact me.  I'll be happy to make one up for you!