Friday, February 24, 2012

In The Works...

I've been a bit quiet lately.  Why?  Two reasons.

First - My injured wrist got reinjured (I shouldn't have tried to pick up the computer - ugh), so it's aggrevating me and I am trying to let it rest as much as possible.

Second - I have a customer order that I'm working on.  It's a rather large order and included having to create a new design.  I won't give it away just yet, but I hope to make this my first published design when I'm done with the order.  Once the order is done I should be able to draw up a pattern diagram and write out the instructions as a pattern.

Here's a sneak peek:

It's a rather large design and this is only a small piece of it, but I can't give away what it is just yet :-)

So....while I might be a bit quiet...I am here.  I am working.  I am creating.  I hope you all are too :-)

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