Monday, November 28, 2011

Testing More Colors

I decided to test out another color of the new Lizbeth threads. This one makes me think of Neopolitan Ice Cream (think Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla).  It worked up nicely, I think.  I think this bookmark design is by Sandy Scales but I'm not totally sure.

This is my last motif for my 2nd round of the 25 Motif Challenge.  Should I continue and do another set of 25 for the challenge, or should I just keep tatting and not worry about keeping count for the challenge?

Motif # C2-25

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hot Apple Pie

The lovely colors in this thread remind me of Red Delicious Apples, Yummy Caramel and Fresh Whipped Cream. I think it works up nicely as a bookmark.

Motif # C2-24

This bookmark is currently available in my Etsy Store -

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It Makes a Pretty Snowflake Too!

I've been testing out some of Jon Yusoff's new snowflake patterns and decided to try the new pretty blue and green Lizbeth Thread on her Adan snowflake design.  I like it!  This colorway has definitely become one of my favorites!

Motif # C2-23
This Snowflake is currently available in my Peachtree Cottage Etsy Shop -

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful Colors!

I think I've fallen in love! I just love this new Lizbeth thread colorway. The colors go together so perfectly. At first I wasn't too sure how it would work but once I started on this bookmark I saw how well they worked together. I will definitely be making more items with this one!

Motif # C2-22

Isn't it pretty!? It's currently available in my Etsy Shop -

Monday, November 14, 2011

More Thread Calls To Me

As you all know, the new Lizbeth thread "Blue Ice" called out to me to make snowflakes.  Well, their "Jungle Greens" called out to me in a different way.  I looked at it and I didn't think "jungle"....I thought "evergreens" here's a little tatted Christmas Tree in 'evergreens".

Motif  # C2-21

It's available as an ornament in my Etsy Shop -

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let it Snow!

Ok, it's not really snowing here in Georgia, but, when I saw the new Blue Ice thread from Handy Hands it just called out to me to make snowflakes with it. I used size 40 thread and they came out about 2.5 inches across from point to point. I've done 2 and I'm working on a 3rd which I will post soon. They look like lovely ice crystal snowflakes to me :-)

First we have Kira's Star

Motif # C2-19

Then we have Eileen Stafford's Snowflake

Motif # C2-20

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Monday, November 7, 2011

You Never Know What You Will Find

Sometimes it really pays off to go hunting through blogs and checking out older posts.  Recently I went to the 25 Motif Challenge blog...there I saw something made by Tatting Goddess that I liked so I went to her blog.  I had some time on my hands at that moment so I went checking through the older posts and came across a design that just called out to me so much I had to put aside other things I was making to work on it.  I'd not seen this design anywhere before and I'm sooo glad I found it! 

The design is for a Christmas Tree, and it was designed (per the post) by Maus.  The diagram for it was also posted.  So I went searching through my threads to see if I had something similar in color, and I dug out my beads and started tatting away.  Not quite the same as the one I saw but close.

Motif # C2-18:

This turned out to be a somewhat big design, since I did it in size 20 threads.  It's 4 inches across at the widest part of the base of the tree, and 5.5 inches tall from the bottom to the beaded top.  What the picture doesn't show well is that in a way it is somewhat 3D as well, since the beaded chains sit a bit on top of the rings. 

It took a lot of time to get this done, and alot of retro tatting ... hehe, but it's finally completed.  I think it will make a wonderful ornament hanging on a Christmas Tree.

With finds like this, I think I will go 'post digging' more often :-)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mumford II

Mumford II is a special order bear.  He is designed to be similar to my Mumford bear.  This one stands 2.25 inches tall and wears a sunshine yellow satin ribbon.

I'm still working on a fuzzy bunny that I'm hoping to have completed soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Baby Blanket

While I had my baby yarns out I went ahead and made up another baby blanket.  This one is striped and made for a little girl.  It's approximately 30" x 34 " (crib size) and perfect for a sweet little girl to grow up with.  It's also reversible :-)
This baby afghan is currently available in my Babywear Boutique Etsy Shop -

More Tatting is on the way.  I've been working on some snowflakes that are currently being blocked and will be adding some 'sparkle' to them.  Then they should be ready for a picture taking session.