Monday, October 3, 2011

Maple Leaves Everywhere!

I'm not usually a red/yellow type color person.  I much prefer softer blues and pinks and other pastels most of the time, but this year for some reason I fell in love with fall colors!  I loved how the colors of the thread worked out on the little maple leaf earrings I much so I decided to make a bigger maple leaf!  Once I'd done that I decided to turn it into a bookmark.  I just might have to try this again soon with some more thread in different fall colors. Only problem is these put me in a 'lazy day' mood and that just doesn't work for trying to get things done!

Motif #C2-13

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Suztats said...

I love maple leaves and I love autumn, so, naturally, I really love your bookmark!

LittleBerry said...

The maple leaf motif is a favourite of mine especially when done in those autumn colours.

I like how you've done your 'chain' to the tail of th ebookmark.

Mary R. said...

Thank you both for the feedback!