Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Blanket and Booties

I love working on baby items.  They are so soft and sweet and innocent and pure and....well you get the idea.  While I work on them it clears my head and gives a pleasant glow to the day....and most of all, makes me smile.  So every once in a while when I have some stressful times...I pull out the baby yarn and work on a baby afghan, sweater, hat, booties or something.  This time it was a baby blanket (crib sized afghan) and a coordinating pair of little booties.

The baby afghan is all white with a textured center and multi-color organdy ribbons (with gold edges) woven in and out and around the edge.  There are 4 bows (one on each corner) where the ribbons meet.

The booties are made with the same soft baby yarn and multi-color ribbon bows are attached to coordinate them with the baby blanket.

The afghan and coordinating booties are available now in my Babywear Boutique Etsy shop -

I had some extra baby yarn still so I also went ahead and made a couple of additional baby booties as well.  They will be available in my etsy shop in the next day or two.

They were fun to make and I have some white flowers like the pink ones above that I can use to make pretty baby booties which would be perfect for an unknown gender shower gift or for use at a baptism.


Gina said...

Very pretty!

Mary R. said...

Thanks Gina. It's incredibly soft too. I also just got some more baby stuff patterns so I hope to do more in the future. I might even embellish them with some tatting :-)