Friday, September 30, 2011

Pretty Pastel Pendant

Pastels of pink, blue, green, yellow and lavender matched with a solid lavender make for what I think is a very pretty pendant.  I know I saw this design somewhere and tried to replicate it, however I've searched all my files and searched the internet and can't find where I discovered it so I can't say who created the design.  If someone knows please let me know so I can update this post with the designer information.

Motif # C2-12

As usual this pendant is available in my Etsy Shop -

Next Up ... Bookmarks!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A while back I took part in an event where I ended up finding some beautiful beads that I just couldn't resist. I wasn't sure what to do with them but I liked them so much I just had to get them. I decided to turn them into a tatted bracelet with tatted rings between each bead.

Motif # C2-11

I think this simple design works well with these beautiful beads. What do you think?

This bracelet is currently available in my Peachtree Cottage Etsy shop -

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Earrings

Finally got the pictures taken of some fall style earrings I've been working on.  The leaf ones are from one of  Yarnplayer's patterns and the other style is from  I worked them up with some Lizbeth threads in what I thought were great colors for the autumn season.

Motif # C2-9

Motif # C2-10

These are all available in my Etsy Shop -

More tatting stuff coming soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gunther Goes Trick or Treating!

Gunther has searched and searched and finally found his favorite Halloween Costume.

He's is wearing a ghost costume that hangs over his head with the eyes cut out so he can see. He's carrying a little bat friend to help him spook people on Halloween.

I think he'll get lots of candy, don't you?

Gunther is available for purchase in my Etsy Store:

Coming Soon - More Tatted Earrings!!  I have 4 pairs of autumn/fall theme tatted earrings that I'll be sharing soon!  Just need to get the pictures done (hopefully tomorrow!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Bath Time!

When I saw these holiday colors in cotton at the store I just had to get some and make up some holiday wash cloth sets!  These are great for using as wash cloths, dish cloths, pot holders, hot pads, etc.  The cotton is so soft and gets even softer with use.  I even made a coordinating soap bag too!

All of these are found in a new section of my Etsy shop - Washcloths, Etc. -

Here are pictures of the 3 different sets available (and the soap bag!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Quick Little Pendant

Yesterday I was able to make up a quick little pendant.  It's a pretty little butterfly and it's done in shades of pink!  I know it's fall and I should be using fall colors etc, but I'm a fan of pastels and use pinks and blues alot, no matter what time of year!

Motif # C2-8

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tatted Pendant

I was finally able to get a picture of a pendant I tatted not too long ago.  It's tatted over a cabone ring and is done in shades of pink and rose.  It was a struggle getting a good picture but I think this picture shows it well.

Motif # C2-7

I have listed this Pendant in my Etsy shop -

I also am working on some earrings and bookmarks in fall colors and hope to get them photographed soon!

Is It Defective?

Ok, well I got some good sunlight and a chance to work with the new camera.  2 hours, 47 pictures later...only TWO were in focus.  I'm starting to think this new camera is defective.  I will give it another try, but if it still doesn't work right, then I might have to just send it off for repairs or something :-(

I'm working on some fall tatted items as well as a new bear and bunny.  So hopefully will have something new to show (when I can get pictures!!) soon.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've Got A New Camera!

I've needed an updated camera for a long time now.  So has my daughter.  We recently bought one she picked out and found at a very good price.  Unfortunately she has decided this camera is not the right one for her.  What this means is now I get it!  It's not the one I would have picked out for myself but it's a major upgrade from the one I had.

Now comes the hard part.  Most of my picture taking is macro settings and close up detail pictures.  The settings on this new camera are confusing to me and I think it's gonna take some time to sort them out to where I can use the camera the way I need to use it.  Ugh.  I have so many things I need to take pictures of.  I have new bookmarks, new jewelry, several sets of cotton washcloth sets, and I'm nearly finished with a new bunny I'm working on.  Plus I also have a couple of baby things I've made up and would like to try selling too.

So please bear with me (no pun intended) while I practice and play around with the new camera to see if I can get it working for my picture taking style.  I'll be posting pictures as soon as I get some decent ones!