Thursday, July 21, 2011

Status: Tatting, Bears, Etc.

Well, as I posted before, I'm a bit busy atm working on a special order and catching up on some things.  It's muggy and hot and I just plain don't do well in the heat.  It wears me out quickly.  What this means is that creatively ... I'm working on stuff.  I have some finished items that need blocking or assembly, and I have some that are blocked or finished that need a photo session....but right now I don't have anything that I can share today.  :-(

I've seen on some blogs about 'Tatting Tuesday".   If someone out there reading this knows what that is, could you please explain it to me?  I'd like to 'sync up' if necessary.

I got in some new Lizbeth threads yesterday.  They are colors that I don't typically use (browns, tans, etc.) but I have an idea for a couple of them.  I was very pleasantly surprised when they arrived.  The colors were more vivid and much prettier in person than I'd thought from the online pictures I'd seen.  I got Jon Yusoff's new book and hope to work on a few of those designs with my new threads!

I have plans for a new bunny similar to the one I use as an Avatar in most places (Pieris).  The thread used for them is discontinued so my supply is limited now, but I haven't done one like those in a good while and I think it's time to make another.  Probably a bear too.  The thread is very 'slippery' and I'm still dealing with some tendon pain in my thumb from when I fell earlier this year.  This makes working with that thread more difficult so this might take a bit of time to get done, but it's in the works!

So basically what I'm saying laid plans, etc., etc., have been waylaid due to muggy heat and lack of  When it's this hot I should be on vacation !!


Kathy Niklewicz said...

At least you're doing something and have plans! I'm doing very little during this hot weather (other than surf the blogs). I tolerated the heat well as a younger person, but not anymore!!!

As I understand it, Tuesdays are set aside by some tatters as an incentive to tat and blog every Tuesday. And many of them love tea, so they share their latest favorite tea. So it's also called 'Tatting Tea Tuesday'! I admire that they usually stick to their schedule.

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

Thanks for explaining it to me, Kathy. Maybe I should make my tatting posts on Tuesdays? I've noticed that I tend to post more on Thursdays though.