Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still Redesigning

I'm still working on my redesign of my new idea, but it's working out much better this time.  In general things are going slower for me due to recovering from my fall about 2.5 weeks ago.  BUT....I'm starting to really feel better.  Yesterday was a much better day painwise and today is starting off like yesterday.  :-)

I have managed to work up a couple more tatted bookmarks, just need to block them and take photos.  I've also been working on some crocheted cotton washcloths and have a few sets of those and some facial scrubbies to photograph too.  Boy am I going to have to set up a good photo session soon.  Maybe I can get some today if all goes well.

On a totally different topic....lately I've been having a craving that just isn't going away.  Cakes...cupcakes to be specific.  I'm not craving to eat them....oh no...that's not it.  I'm craving to MAKE them.  I don't normally do alot of cooking and even less baking so for me to have such a strong desire to bake is odd.  And what I'm craving to make is strawberry cake/cupcakes.  Why?  I don't it seems soon I will need to spend some of my time in the kitchen!  LOL we'll see how this experiment goes.

It's a beautiful sunshiney day today.  I think I'm gonna go soak up some sun for a few minutes then try to finish the parts I'm working on.  Then we will see what happens next....

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