Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm so bad

I know I should be blogging.  I know I should be crocheting.  I know I should be tatting....well I have been crocheting and tatting....

I finished making the parts for my next creation (it's not a bear and I can't say what it is cause that will give it away).  It's being made for the Thread Artist Guild 'Something Different" challenge.  So it can't be shown anywhere until I have posted it to them first.  However (here's the I'm so bad part)...I've been in an energy funk lately.  I think it's weather generated.  We've been having lots of rainy days and I just can't seem to find my 'start' button.

I have been working on tatting here and there and have some bookmarks, earrings and a bracelet done.  But they need blocking and photographing.  This is where the 'lack-o-umph' comes in.  So I'm gathering them all in one place and hope to have a nice bright sunny day soon where I'm full of energy so I can block these out and put my creation together.

Hang in there with me.  It will happen.  I promise!

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