Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I've been quiet lately...

There have been 2 basic reasons why I've been so quiet lately...both things out of my control.

First, I sold one of my little bears, Frostie.  That's a good thing :-)  However, she got lost in the postal mail system.  First she was sent to the wrong address, then she was marked as 'missent' meaning she was sent to the wrong post office (which she was), but the bar code on the label wasn't marked out so every time she got scanned it said to send her back to that wrong post office.  They kept putting her back to the sorting center, which scanned her and sent her back, etc etc.  I thihk you can see the processing loop she ended up in.  My customer was upset (I don't blame him!).  One day the post office would tell us where she was, the next they would say they couldn't find was a royal mess!

So stressing out over that and trying to get that mess worked out and find her had to take priority and took up alot of my time.  It was determined that she might be permanently lost so I then had to work on making a replacement, which took up the rest of my time. 

Well late last night I finished up all the parts for the replacement...only have to stitch her face and assemble her to have her of course Murphy's Law stepped in and little Frostie showed up back in my mailbox today!  Thank heaven she's been found and not stranded out in the cold any longer.  Tomorrow she will be taking an overnight trip to her new home and all will be right again.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the replacement parts.  I'll probably hold on to them and use them later in the year for another bear.

That was reason one, now for reason if all that wasn't enough, I've been feeling run down lately, have little to no energy and can't keep awake...end up nodding off in naps...ugh...that doesn't make for getting things done.  I'm sure part of it is stress related due to worry about Frostie, but maybe some of it is fighting off a cold or something...dunno...I just haven't 'felt right' for a few days.  Maybe now that will fix itself!

Hopefully now I can get caught up on my emails, postings, bear making, tatting, living, breathing, etc. lol

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