Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, Ice & Boot Camp - Week 10

The weather here is awful! Snow in Atlanta!! Sunday it started snowing by Monday we had 3-7 inches...normally it doesn't snow enough here to stick to the ground if it snows at all. Then it turned to freezing rain so all that snow is now covered with a 1-3 inch thick layer of ice. Everything is shut down. Yesterday and today the Post Office isn't even running! The big 18 Wheel trucks are sliding into one another and at one point we had 9 of them in an accident and the some of the major highways totally shut down. Lots of them and some cars still stuck on the highways.

Today none of the entrance ramps are open. The little bit of sun we had today turned the top layer of the ice into slush but the weather is cold enough that it will be turning into more ice in the next couple of hours. More freezing rain/snow expected by Thurs and again on Sat.....Yuck!

But I'm comfy and warm inside and catching up on things....today I'm working on catching up the Etsy Boot Camp stuff and doing a little creating.

Almost caught up! This is Week 10's activities. 2 more weeks to go to finish after this. I might be doing these things late but better late than not at all and I'm still learning from them!

[ X ] Read this week's blog post (All about branding your packaging, which I already do)
[ X ] Schedule tasks & get more done! (This is about Time Management - I learned to do this years ago! I live by my bring up file!)
[ X ] Set your location in your profile (did this one back when this first came out)
[ ] Post in Week 10's thread (too late to do this)
[ X ] Check in with your buddy

Not alot new for me in this week's worth of activities...but good reminders of things I already knew.

That's it for now, gonna go grab a cup of hot chocolate!!

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