Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boot Camp - Week 11, 12, Finished!

The snow from the 2011 winter storm in GA is melting, roads are clearing, things are getting back to normal.  So I decided to dive in and finish up the Etsy Boot Camp activities and get them DONE !

Boot Camp - Week 11
[ X ] Set your shipping deadlines (was done before this came out)
[ X ] Follow the tips for selling local
[ ] Post in Week 11's thread (Can't - in Catch up mode)
[ X ] Extra credit: Reading List

Boot Camp - Week 12

[ X ] Have Clear Shipping Options
[ ] Send a Letter to Your Future Self ( I don't get this information just a link to send an email..ugh. I use a bring up fine and calendar reminders to remind me of things to do so I don't see the purpose in this one)
[ X ] Take the Boot Camp Survey (Did this earlier when it first came out)
[ X ] Share Your Final Thoughts in This Forum Thread (Done via Survey)

Boot Camp - Final Week

[ X ] Read this week's blog posts
[ X ] Ponder your plan for 2011
[ X ] This week's Reading List
[ ] Post in Week 12's thread (Can't since I"m doing this late)

The Boot camp was well worth the effort, but I wish it had been started earlier so these things were finished before the holiday season started.  The gist of my feedback to them was about starting it earlier so the end of the activities didn't run into the holiday rush.

Having completed this I now feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Instead of having this 'hanging over my head' waiting to be's done and I can now breath a sigh of relief and get back to working on my bears and other creations.

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