Monday, January 3, 2011

Admin Stuff & Boot Camp Week 9

Boot Camp Checklist - Week 9

I've been working on administrative activities today. Lots of paperwork..ugh..also did more Boot Camp catch up. Here's Week 9's checklist:

[ X ] Read this week's blog post
[ X ] Organize/stock up on packaging supplies
[ X ] Read this Cyber Monday post (No longer applicable but some good info)
[ ] Post in Week 9's forum thread (Not gonna do this since I'm trying to catch up)
[ X ] Check in with your buddy

I got some great ideas on packaging for shipping from these articles. Some of them I'm already doing but now I have some more things I can try. Also found out about some suppliers that are nearby that I wasn't aware of...definitely gonna check them out!  My Boot Camp Buddy and I stay in contact all the time so that one was EASY! Week 9 - Completed! Slowly getting caught up!

I did get some tatting blocked...hope for sunshine tomorrow for picture taking !

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