Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp - Week 6

Hellooooo out there!

First off let me say I'm starting to see some results from the efforts made with the Boot Camp Exercises.  Not only am I learning and trying to put into practice what I learn, but I've also picked up more followers on my blogspot.  In addition to that my website views have increased and I have pending orders that I'm working on.  Yay for the Boot Camp !

This weeks homework sounds simple but it's really not.  The reading was mostly about frame of mind/attitude which can get really 'deep' sometimes.  The pricing exercise will be valuable to alot of people, but for me it confirmed that the method I use for my pricing is appropriate.  Each pricing exercise I did was right in line with what my current prices are :-)

Here's my checklist:

[ X ] Revisit Your Prices
[ X ] Check out this Reading List
[ X ] Connect with Your Buddy

I'm hoping this kind of  "Boot Camp' activity will continue in one form or another after the holidays.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Pictures

Part of my Etsy Boot Camp Week 5 homework was tips on photography.  Here's some pictures I took today of my tissue covers that I made for a customer.  I think the pictures came out better than my old ones.  Those photo tips were very helpful.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Etsy Boot Camp - Week 5

I'm so excited about everything I'm learning via the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp!  This week I got in the email with the weekly activities and started in on them right away.  The focus of this week is photography.  Some of the information shared I already knew and some was new to me.  I have ideas now that I want to try with my next set of photos...which I hope will be in the next day or so. 

Here's my status:

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp - Week 5:

[ X ] Check out 7 Lessons from Adam Braun
[ X ] Read Etsy's Guide to Photography
[ X ] Shoot Photos of Your New Work
[ X ] Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy
[ X ] Post in the Boot Camp Forum

The activity for the 7 Lessons from Adam Braun was to watch a presentation video.  I have to admit that I found him dry and dull as a speaker which left me uninspired.  However his 7 Lessons have value.  This is what they are:

All I need now is to have a photo session and I'll have my 'homework' for this  week done already!  Yay!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I had a wonderful surprise happen to me over the weekend. As some of you know I'm participating in the Etsy Boot Camp activities and one of them is to work with a Boot Camp Buddy. Well my buddy is writing a blog article for Etsy and she wanted to put a link in it to one of my bears. So I quickly finished up little Bethany in time for her blog article.

Bethany stands at only 2.25 inches tall and is crocheted from acrylic threads. She comes wearing a removable pink and white dress which is accented with tiny little pearl beads and a little bow with 3 tiny pearl beads by her ear.

Bethany - Available in my Etsy Shop! -

Etsy Boot Camp - Week 4

There's lots of reading with this week's Etsy Boot Camp activities. I'm busy reading up and working on my Etsy "Homework"

This week's 'Homework" is to:

[X} Read this week's Boot Camp Article
[X] Etsy Sucess Keyword Exercise
[X] Update Your Profile
[X] Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy
[X] Post in the Boot Camp forum thread
[X] Extra Credit! Tips for Authentic Writing

Keywords are important so doing the Keyword Exercise will definitely be a helpful activity. Plus I've been needing to update my I'm thinking this will be a good week of activities for me!

My keywords:

Buyer Attributes
values time


Artistic Values
master artist
long lasting

Monday, October 11, 2010

Etsy Boot Camp - Week 3

Time to check in with my Boot Camp homework!'s Week 3's checklist.  Notice it's all completed!

Etsy Boot Camp - Week 3 Checklist

[X] Read this week's Boot Camp article

[X] Fill in the Blank Exercise

[X] Six Success Secrets Exercise

- [X} Be Me - I already am me. I'm a quiet work in the background, don't make alot of noise, but get it done type. I'm not a corporate type. So, I work from home, making things quietly, working on things each day...and I'm content with what I do and who I am :-)

- [X} Trust Your Compass - I try to do this especially when I'm creating my little bears. I know that my mood shows up on their faces when I stitch I check my internal compass and make sure I'm heading in the right (positive) direction before I start stitching a bear face. No frustrated, angry, sad, upset bears from me!

- [X} Embrace the Optimist - Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the day to day stresses, but I learrned a few years back that I just need to set the 'stress' feelings aside and just 'know' in my heart that everything will work out fine. I believe in the power of the Law of Attraction so I put out positive thoughts ... and good things happen.

- [X} Surround Yourself With Love - This is a tougher one for me. Because of my 'Be Me' I tend to close myself off and am not around alot of people. But I do have my daughter's support in what I do and she also believes in embracing the optimist/Law of Attraction outlook. I also connect with other supportive bear artists and did so by creating the Thread Artist Guild to give us all a place to grow, communicate and support each other.

- [X] Know What You Need and Get It - For me that's mainly getting the money each month to pay the bills, and somewhere down the road getting a newer car. Every time I make something and sell it I am progressing towards these goals. I also need peace and stability in my life....what I tend to call Calm Happiness. Being "OK" with me and content with who I am and what I'm doing helps me with that goal too.

- [X] Enjoy Where You Are - I know this might sound silly to some but a few years ago I read 2 books that changed my life. The first was "Conversations with God" I'm not saying I agree with everything in that book but it did help me to open up my eyes and look at things from different perspectives and to really appreciate who I was and what I had. The second was "The Secret"...which taught me about the Law of Attraction and how powerful it can be, as well as reinforcing the gratitude for what I already have. Putting all that together allows me to allow myself to be content. I can enjoy my day to day life taking each day at a time without all the stress and worry for the next day or the day after that. I spend a moment each day being grateful for THAT day, for the things I was able to do that day, for just being alive that day....well I think you get the drift.....Do I want more out of life...sure, everyone does, that's natural, but I'm "OK" with where I am and that feels good too.

[X] Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy

[X] Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Stock - Already have some items made that I need to take pictures of and working on new items as well.

[X] Post in the Boot Camp forum thread - I posted my Fill in the Blank Exercise there and made a positive affirmation post on the Facebook Boot Camp Fan Page.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jynx is going Trick or Treating for Halloween

Allow me to introduce you to my newest little bear.... Jynx

~ Jynx ~
5-Way Jointed and only 2 Inches Tall Standing !
(not counting the hat)
A Peachtree Cottage™ Micro Miniature Bear
by Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage ™ Bears

This year Jynx decided to dress up and go Trick or Treating for Halloween. Watch out for her though, she loves to pop up out of nowhere and hollar "BOO!" while waving her billowy arms costumed arms. Her name is Jynx(pronounced "Geenks") which means 'Trick or Treat' in beareze.

Jynx stands at only 2 inches tall which makes her a micro miniature bear. She is crocheted from acrylic threads and comes with her removable hat and Trick or Treat bag. Her facial expression has been embroidered and slightly shadded to give it extra depth. She will arrive in a clear display box with a signed picture certificate of authenticity.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Two of the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp

Well, it's Week Two and now I have more homework to do.  The checklist of things to do this week is as follows:

[X] Read this week's Holiday Boot Camp article

[X] Make a list of your most popular items

[X] Brainstorm new work you'll offer this season

[X] Find your Boot Camp buddy

[X] Post in the Boot Camp forum

As you can see all of these have been done except for finding a Boot Camp Buddy. I've posted on the Boot Camp Facebook site so hopefully I will get a response to that soon. If all else fails I'll buddy up to my daughter for this but it would be nice to get outside input going forward.

My newest creation is done, just finished up the accessories today and plan to take pictures tomorrow so ... watch this space! lol

UPDATE:  I got me a Boot Camp Buddy! It's Mary Catherine from Hide A Heart.  Check out her Etsy Shop!  She makes beautiful glass hearts!