Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tatting Frenzy

I recently ordered some Lizbeth threads and when they arrived I was inspired to do some tatting right away.  In fact I went into what you could say is a 'tatting frenzy'.  I love these threads and how well they work up.  Once I got started I couldn't seem to stop.  I think I made 8 bookmarks and a new motif.  Below are a few example pictures of some of the bookmarks.  The motif I loved but had alot of problems and ended up renaming it 'the motif from hell'....so I haven't taken any pictures of it yet...maybe I will some day.  I finished it and it looks great....I just don't care to look at it right now...lol.

When my new threads were ordered I was accidentally shipped the wrong order. I was told to keep the one ball of thread and book (which turned out to be a tatting book with several designs in it I like!). The thread was a dark green and went perfectly with a deep red that I had ordered on my order. I got bold and pulled out some beads too....here is my very first tatted bookmark with beads. The pattern is called Stumpy and was designed by Kersti Anear.

Motif # 1:

The next one is one I did is a braid design by Jane Eborall.  I think the varigated Lizbeth thread works up great with this design.  I did it in several colors but here are a few examples:

Motif # 2:

I also had a couple on hand that I hadn't taken pictures of.  I made them a while back and don't remember where I found the designs.

Motif # 3:

Motif # 4:

I will be doing more tatting in the future.  I've decided to sign up for the 25 Motif Challenge for 2011.  I'm looking forward to working on things for it.


'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

BEAUTIFUL bookmarks!

I love your bunny in your profile too! Did you make it?

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for the compliments on my bookmarks. Yes I did make the bunny in my profile picture. Her name is Pieris and she was one of the ones I had on display at IDEX a couple of years ago. You can't tell by the picture but she's only about 3.5 inches tall and crocheted!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

I wondered if she was crocheted! I can believe she is that small. I have been getting into making some miniatures myself. They are so much fun!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Congratulations on starting the 25 Motif Challenge, Mary! I found it to be great fun, and it kept me motivated to tat. Your bookmarks are beautiful!

tatting-marie said...

Great job on your tatted bookmarks. I like the "Christmas" look you gave the to "Stumpy".

Fox said...

The bookmarks gorgeous! And nicely photographed. 'Stumpy' looks so festive!
Fox : )

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement!

God's Kid said...

Your bears are cute!
Your bookmarks look awesome! :)
May you enjoy your tatting journey in the 25 Motif Challenge! :)

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

Thank you all again for the lovely comments! I really appreciate the feedback on my tatting!