Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dead Computer

Two days ago my computer hard drive died a quick but inglorious death. One moment it was working, I glanced away from the monitor, and when I looked back I had the infamous 'blue screen of death'. The hard drive was to be no more.

I keep most of my files on an external hard drive so I didn't really lose alot of information. I still have all my pattern and business files for example. However, my email was on the main (now dead) harddrive so I lost all my emails that I'd saved and all the sites that I'd added to my favorites list etc.

My daughter came to my rescue with her laptop. We were able to quickly search online and found a really good deal for a new computer (smile). She went and picked it up for me yesterday and ever since I've been in the process of getting things set back up. My email is working correctly and I'm back online again. YAY!

It's great having a new computer, even though it was an unexpected and unplanned for expense. Please be patient with me while I relocate all my favorite sites.

On the creative front, I've finished a new doily and need to block it, and I completed another Lacey White Bookmark like in my previous post. I'm working on another bookmark and hope to spend the rest of my evening tonight working on it.

Off to go find some of my favorite blogs again....

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