Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Love Needlework!

Today I while I was sitting and working on a little project a thought crossed my mind.  I love needlework.  I started out at the age of 7 learning to crochet, taught by my grandmother before she went senile and forgot how.  My mother taught me knitting, and crewel embroidery.  And her mother encouraged me to try other types of needlework, including bargello and cross stitch.

All my life my spare time has been retreating to some form of needlework.  Learning new things and techniques, practicing and fine tuning what I have learned until I'm personally satisfied with the quality of what I do.  Whenever I've been upset by turmoil in my life I've always been able to retreat into a realm of peace by sitting and stitching, and forgetting the rest of the world's troubles.

I've learned and done other things, other crafts, and I always come back to needlework in some form or another.  Throughout the years I've had people buying the items I made, or I made gifts for others that they could treasure and hand down as heirlooms to their families.  When I was layed off from my job a few years back I was able to turn to my needlework and not only find solice but an outlet for my inner need to create, as well as to turn it into a business to help meet expenses.

I can work with fine sewing thread or big bulky doesn't matter, as long as I'm working on needlework.  I can make a little 2 inch bear or a 4x6 foot afghan....either way I am content on the inside because I'm creating with some form of needle and thread.

I LOVE finally dawned on me in that moment of thought earlier today, that I really do love it!  It's not something to fill my time, it's not a hobby, it's not a phase nor a passing's something I love to do!  It's part of who I am....and I'm blessed to have been taught at such an early age so I could enjoy this love all my life.

Thank you Grandma Robinson, Thank you Mom, Thank you Grandma Mary and all the others throughout my life that have helped me learn and enjoy my passion.

To everyone else...share what you know, teach someone a skill, help someone just might turn out to be the passion of their life!

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