Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending the year with Etsy Boot Camp - Week 8

Today I decided to finish up the year with blocking my recent crochet & tatting. I'm planning on taking pictures tomorrow so I can start off the new year with some new items!

I also wanted to get back to working on the Etsy Boot Camp activities and finish them one of my New Year's Resolutions is to spend a little time working on this each day until it's done. Today I started where I left off with Week 7.

I was too busy at the time with the holiday rush to do the Boot Camp activities, but now I'm trying to catch up. Some of these things no longer apply because they are geared for the holidays which have just past, but I'm going to go through them anyway and try to pick up what useful information I can. So here's my check list for Week 7:

[ X ] Read this week's blog post (very valuable links to info on upcoming themes!)
[ X ] Plan for Cyber Monday
[ X ] Get Back on Track Here
[ ] Post in Week 8's forum thread (not going to do this one because I'm so out of date
[ X ] Add a Badge to Your Blog

Thanks it for now...back to working on my website update. Tomorrow is picture taking day (if the light is right). Have a great New Years Day!

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