Friday, November 26, 2010

Is it Frostie Outside?

When I shared pictures of Barnaby I said he was the 1st of 2. As most of you know I'm a pattern collector. I buy them all the time, but don't always make them up. This time I followed a pattern by one of the Thread Artist Guild (R) members, Stefanie Devlin, but as usual for me I made some small changes as well.

I didn't feel like messing with a bunch of beads on the hat so I just made a ruffly brim and added a bow. I took the same thread as I used for the hat and made up a soft winter scarf to go with it. The bear is made from punch thread and is a very pale cream color.

My daughter walked in the room just as I put the finishing touches on her and with one quick glance decided her name was Frostie.

I also added a picture of her next to my hand for size reference.  Sometimes people don't really understand how small these little bears are!

Speaking of threads....the thread I got in the order that was shipped to me by went perfectly with one that I had ordered (my order arrived the next day).  These are size 20 tatting threads (I got some size 80 as well).  I've been on a tatting frenzy the past few days and have made up several using the freebie thread which came out GREAT!  As soon as they all finish blocking I'll get some pictures and share them.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

You live VERY close to me - I'm just south, in D'ville

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

hehe Yes I do. I found your blog by looking for tatting things. You have some beautiful pictures of the fall color trees! Very nice tatting too :-)