Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Rush

My the time is flying by!  I'm hurrying around trying to get bears finished and for sale, make new ones, working on special orders, starting my holiday shopping, hiding what I buy so my daughter won't see it, getting more supplies, etc. etc. etc.  I feel like I'm spinning in a thousand different directions during the day...but in the evenings when I settle in to just work on the next creation it all calms down for a little while and feels like all is right in my world...that's a good feeling.

A few days ago I finished up a couple of new bears.  One, Barnaby is already out for sale, the other I have pictures done but haven't posted her anywhere yet.

Here's little Barnaby.  I tried a new style for the head.  My daughter and I both like it quite alot so I will be making a few more in this style I'm sure!

More pictures of him can be seen by clicking HERE.

I'm still running a bit behind on my Boot Camp activities.  I haven't found the time this week (due to all of the above) to spend any time on it.  I'm hoping to catch up this coming week because Week 8 To Do list has already come out.  I really want to complete all of the Boot Camp stuff because it's all been very informative and helpful!

That's it for now.  I will be back in a few days with another update!

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