Thursday, November 4, 2010

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp - Week 7

Has it really been this many weeks already? Wow! The time not only seems to fly by but I'm learning so much that I don't even notice when one week moves into the next one.

This week is all about Blogging and Marketing Plans. Just by going through some of the reading material I already can see ways I can make my blog a bit more interesting and more informative. And I'm getting tips for using social marketing tools better as well. I haven't done the 'reach out' part yet. That one is going to take some background reading and research so will take a bit of time.

I'm about to start on the Marketing Plan section. This is something I know I need to do, so I'm sure this part of the "homework" will be very interesting!

This Week's Checklist:

[ X ] Read this week's blog post
[ X ] Develop a marketing plan
[    ] Reach out to a blogger
[ X ] Post in Week 7's forum thread

As always I will be updating this checklist and adding my comments as I complete the activities.

Edited to show some progress made.  I fnished the Marketing Plan exercise.  Now I need to do some researching and find a blogger to 'reach out to'.


MCatherine said...

Oh Mary! I'm exhausted with everything there is to do in Boot Camp in week #7!

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

I agree MC, this has been alot of work and very tiring!