Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Two of the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp

Well, it's Week Two and now I have more homework to do.  The checklist of things to do this week is as follows:

[X] Read this week's Holiday Boot Camp article

[X] Make a list of your most popular items

[X] Brainstorm new work you'll offer this season

[X] Find your Boot Camp buddy

[X] Post in the Boot Camp forum

As you can see all of these have been done except for finding a Boot Camp Buddy. I've posted on the Boot Camp Facebook site so hopefully I will get a response to that soon. If all else fails I'll buddy up to my daughter for this but it would be nice to get outside input going forward.

My newest creation is done, just finished up the accessories today and plan to take pictures tomorrow so ... watch this space! lol

UPDATE:  I got me a Boot Camp Buddy! It's Mary Catherine from Hide A Heart.  Check out her Etsy Shop!  She makes beautiful glass hearts!

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Danielle said...

So good to see you checking off that list!