Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jynx is going Trick or Treating for Halloween

Allow me to introduce you to my newest little bear.... Jynx

~ Jynx ~
5-Way Jointed and only 2 Inches Tall Standing !
(not counting the hat)
A Peachtree Cottage™ Micro Miniature Bear
by Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage ™ Bears

This year Jynx decided to dress up and go Trick or Treating for Halloween. Watch out for her though, she loves to pop up out of nowhere and hollar "BOO!" while waving her billowy arms costumed arms. Her name is Jynx(pronounced "Geenks") which means 'Trick or Treat' in beareze.

Jynx stands at only 2 inches tall which makes her a micro miniature bear. She is crocheted from acrylic threads and comes with her removable hat and Trick or Treat bag. Her facial expression has been embroidered and slightly shadded to give it extra depth. She will arrive in a clear display box with a signed picture certificate of authenticity.

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