Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp - Week 6

Hellooooo out there!

First off let me say I'm starting to see some results from the efforts made with the Boot Camp Exercises.  Not only am I learning and trying to put into practice what I learn, but I've also picked up more followers on my blogspot.  In addition to that my website views have increased and I have pending orders that I'm working on.  Yay for the Boot Camp !

This weeks homework sounds simple but it's really not.  The reading was mostly about frame of mind/attitude which can get really 'deep' sometimes.  The pricing exercise will be valuable to alot of people, but for me it confirmed that the method I use for my pricing is appropriate.  Each pricing exercise I did was right in line with what my current prices are :-)

Here's my checklist:

[ X ] Revisit Your Prices
[ X ] Check out this Reading List
[ X ] Connect with Your Buddy

I'm hoping this kind of  "Boot Camp' activity will continue in one form or another after the holidays.

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HIDE A HEART said...

Me too Mary! Come read what I just posted HERE