Monday, October 11, 2010

Etsy Boot Camp - Week 3

Time to check in with my Boot Camp homework!'s Week 3's checklist.  Notice it's all completed!

Etsy Boot Camp - Week 3 Checklist

[X] Read this week's Boot Camp article

[X] Fill in the Blank Exercise

[X] Six Success Secrets Exercise

- [X} Be Me - I already am me. I'm a quiet work in the background, don't make alot of noise, but get it done type. I'm not a corporate type. So, I work from home, making things quietly, working on things each day...and I'm content with what I do and who I am :-)

- [X} Trust Your Compass - I try to do this especially when I'm creating my little bears. I know that my mood shows up on their faces when I stitch I check my internal compass and make sure I'm heading in the right (positive) direction before I start stitching a bear face. No frustrated, angry, sad, upset bears from me!

- [X} Embrace the Optimist - Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the day to day stresses, but I learrned a few years back that I just need to set the 'stress' feelings aside and just 'know' in my heart that everything will work out fine. I believe in the power of the Law of Attraction so I put out positive thoughts ... and good things happen.

- [X} Surround Yourself With Love - This is a tougher one for me. Because of my 'Be Me' I tend to close myself off and am not around alot of people. But I do have my daughter's support in what I do and she also believes in embracing the optimist/Law of Attraction outlook. I also connect with other supportive bear artists and did so by creating the Thread Artist Guild to give us all a place to grow, communicate and support each other.

- [X] Know What You Need and Get It - For me that's mainly getting the money each month to pay the bills, and somewhere down the road getting a newer car. Every time I make something and sell it I am progressing towards these goals. I also need peace and stability in my life....what I tend to call Calm Happiness. Being "OK" with me and content with who I am and what I'm doing helps me with that goal too.

- [X] Enjoy Where You Are - I know this might sound silly to some but a few years ago I read 2 books that changed my life. The first was "Conversations with God" I'm not saying I agree with everything in that book but it did help me to open up my eyes and look at things from different perspectives and to really appreciate who I was and what I had. The second was "The Secret"...which taught me about the Law of Attraction and how powerful it can be, as well as reinforcing the gratitude for what I already have. Putting all that together allows me to allow myself to be content. I can enjoy my day to day life taking each day at a time without all the stress and worry for the next day or the day after that. I spend a moment each day being grateful for THAT day, for the things I was able to do that day, for just being alive that day....well I think you get the drift.....Do I want more out of life...sure, everyone does, that's natural, but I'm "OK" with where I am and that feels good too.

[X] Check in with your Boot Camp Buddy

[X] Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Stock - Already have some items made that I need to take pictures of and working on new items as well.

[X] Post in the Boot Camp forum thread - I posted my Fill in the Blank Exercise there and made a positive affirmation post on the Facebook Boot Camp Fan Page.

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