Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updated Happenings

The April 2010 issue of Mini Teddy Hugs is now completed and available for viewing.  There are some cute new creations, a wonderful article, fun videos and much much more there for your enjoyment!

I've also sold another little one (Tacoa) and she's off to live in Australia....It's half way around the world and a long trip but she's on her way there now.

I've also been commissioned to create a vintage style Barbie size outfit.  These are so much fun to work on.  I've been to the store and gotten all the needed supplies.  Now I'm happily stitching away on it.  Here's a picture from the pattern of what it will look like.

The lace I'm using is a bit different so when mine is done it will be special in it's own right.  I'll post a picture of it when it's all done!

That's it for now...I'm off to stitch!

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BarbaraCrochetStudio said...

Congrats on the sale!
Looking forward for a photo of your new project. :)