Saturday, March 13, 2010

How do I do this?

A customer ordered a special little bear that I'm delighted to make for him.  However he wants it sewn instead of crochet.  No problem I thought....and the majority of it will be no problem, however, I will be having to design something new that I've not done in sewn before to complete one part of it.  I love a challenge so off I went, ordered in some supplies and now that they have arrived I'm starting on this special little bear.

So ... how do I do this?  I keep thinking of various different ways to attempt the one difficult area.  I've come up with several ideas and had one in particular that I was sure would work.  So I tested it on a piece of scrap didn't work at all.  The fabric is synthetic not real fur and my idea involved shaving down some of the fur for parts of it.  When I attempted this with a little electric razor tool I had previously bought for just this kind of *burned* the fabric.  Well it didn't really burn it, more it melted that idea is a no go.

Now I'm trying to come up with other alternative ways to accomplish the same technique.  Next I will attempt to cut back the fur by hand in the desired areas.  I will try a few different ways to do this to see if any work well, but as last resort I will trim down each bit of fur with sharp little scissors if I need to.  If all this doesn't work then I will attempt sewing together bits of different fur to see if that will accomplish the look I'm trying for.

Luckily my customer is aware that I'm having to experiment some and is being patient.  I'm working on all the other parts of the bear so when I get this one area done I will then be able to quickly complete it for him.  As I said I love a challenge and really am delighted to be trying all this and hope it works out well.  If it does I will be doing it again :-)

I know I know...all this *mystery* without saying exactly what it is I'm attempting to do.  But I want the result to be a surprise.  When it's all finished I will be posting a picture here.  Til then I'm a bit occupied with "how do I do this"

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