Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Atlanta's Joy

Xi Lan

Not all too long ago a little baby Panda was born in the Atlanta Zoo. This year she leaves us to go back to China for their breeding program. I decided to name my newest panda after her.... Xi Lan which means "Atlanta's Joy".

This is my 2nd sewn bear this year (2 out of 5, 3 more to go to meet my personal goal for traditionally sewn bears this year), and my 2nd sewn panda. She's 3.75 inches standing and 2.75 inches sitting. She is a deep plum color with white and has a tiny little heart with a plum color crystal dangling from it on a ribbon around her neck. She is also wearing a tiny tatted little butterfly on her ear, made in shaded pink silky thread (thread size about 100).

The little afghan she's sitting on comes with her but the flower is one of several my daughter and I found in the store the other day.  They are all different colors and work quite nicely for photos.

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