Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine Kitty

A winter white kitten to cuddle and a red heart....What could be better for Valentine's day? The inspiration for Kuddles came from working on another kitten from my Scraggles pattern and a craving to tat something. I get these cravings every so often and they don't go away until I give in and just do it!

This is Kuddles. Kuddles is a precious little white micro kitten wearing a red winter scarf and sitting on a shuttle tatted heart. She just barely measures at 2.0 inches tall which makes her a micro creation. Her name is Kuddles (pronounced "Cud-dles") which means "sweetheart" in Kittenese.

Kuddles is an artist kitten bear friend that stands at just barely 2.0 inches tall. She is made from acrylic threads, wears a perle cotton thread scarf and comes with a Shuttle Tatted Heart. She has onyx bead eyes with shading and extra details to give them added depth. She will arrive ready for display in an acrylic box along with an artist signed picture tag of authenticity.

She can be purchased from my Etsy shop -

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