Friday, October 23, 2009

A Couple of New Bears

My two newest creations are Ayako and Illyana:

Ayako is a precious little orchid pink and gray anime panda. She just barely measures at 2.0 inches when standing which makes her a micro bear. Her name is Ayako (pronounced "eh-Ya-koh") which means "pretty child" in Japanese (and Pandese).

Illyana is a sweet little peach and black panda with a very full tummy. That's because she loves to munch on the little lavender flower buds she finds in her garden. Her name is Illyana (pronounced "ILL-e-anna") which means "chubby" in pandese.

I hope you like them :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

My newest bear creation:
~ ScareBearCrow ~ OOAK Peachtree Cottage™ Bear
ScareBearCrow is supposed to be scarey and chase away the birds, however he's really more interested in collecting flowers. His name is ScareBearCrow (pronounced "scair-beair-krowh") which means "Happy Halloween" in bearese. ScareBearCrow is an OOAK artist bear that stands at 3.25 inches tall. Since he is a scarecrow he is not jointed, but his hat is removable. He is made from acrylic threads. He has onyx bead eyes with shading and extra details to give them added depth.