Friday, September 25, 2009

Two More Biscornus

Here's my next stitching update. I've finished two more biscornus. The first one is called "Quiet & Confidence". It brings to mind the 'royals' when I look at it. I think it is one that could very easily be found there. This was my first time doing miniature tassels and they weren't nearly as difficult as I thought they would be. I think they really add the finishing touch to this one. The next one is "Dragonfly Biscornu". It's difficult to see in the picture but the dragonflies are stitched up with metalic thread and they shimmer and catch the light just like real dragonflies do! Hope you enjoy them....working on more still so hopefully another update soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

My my how time passes when you're busy! I've not been posting here much because I've been very busy on a large special order for some counted cross stitch pin cushions. I'm nearly done with them now so I should be back to bear making (and making other things) soon. Here are the pictures of the pin cushions I've been working on: In addition to to the pin cushions I've also been working on a larger counted cross stitch design, Angel of the Sea by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. This is a memorial piece I'm doing in honor of my mother. I started stitching it when she had a stroke and was in the hospital. When she eventually passed away from a 2nd stroke I put this away and lost the desire to work on it. Now it's years later and I've picked it up again and am determined to complete it and hang it on the wall over my bed as a memorial to my mother. This is my latest progress picture. Since this picture was done I've also completed the waves and shells at the bottom, along with the ribbons and wing on the left side: