Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matilda - 3 Inches tall - New Design

Matilda is on her way to a tea party! She's donned her best spring dress, hat, and because it's a warm day she's wearing sandals...all in her favorite Easter colors. Her name is Matilda (pronounced "mah-Tild-ah") which means "garden party" in bearese.

Matilda is my totally new bear design from head to toe that is only 3 inches tall. She is made from a pale yellow acrylic thread and is designed by me to have longer feet, arms and legs along with a longer neck to give her a fun new style. Her arms and legs are made with a wire armature for full ability to bend to any pose desired. Her hat and sandals are decorated with little flower buttons and are also removable. Her dress is made to match with a new strap v-neck sundress design. The dress is not removable. Her onyx bead eyes have extra details to give them added depth and are shaded as well as her ears.