Sunday, January 20, 2008

~ Blitz ~
Miniature Polar Bear
A Peachtree Cottage™ Bear by Mary Robinson
Blitz is welcoming in the New Year. A snow storm is coming, but Blitz is ready for it. She's all bundled up and snuggly warm in her winter cloak. She likes her winter cloak because it has a hood that fits around her ears and has bells on it!! Her name is Blitz (pronounced "bl-its") which means 'snow storm' in beareze.

Blitz is a miniature 5 way jointed polar bear standing only 3 inches tall. She is crocheted from a blend of miniature acrylic threads that make her soft and furry. Her eyes are slightly shaded to give them added depth. Her cloak is made from a miniature acrylic yarn with a satin thread running through it.

More creations to come soon. I've been busy with orders since before Christmas and trying to get things caught up. Happy New Year, everyone!



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