Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Thread Artist Guild held a challenge to create a bear dressed for a Masquerade Ball with a removable mask. I decided to try something a little different for it this time. Thus Quinn was born.
Quinn kindly allowed me to take pictures of him as he was dressed for the Masquerade Ball. This time Quinn decided to go as a Harlequin Court Jester. He has his jester hat, mask and Scepter made from polymer clay to match his costume. His name is Quinn (pronounced "Cuwin") which means 'jokester' in bearese.
Quinn is a micro bear standing only 1.75 inches tall which makes him equivalent to about 18 inches on a 1:12 doll house scale. His eyes are slightly shaded to give them added depth. His jester hat and mask are removable and made from polymer clay, as is his jester scepter.
He was alot of fun to make and I will be making more mixed media bears in the future :-)

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