Monday, December 3, 2007

Ruby and Vern
The little bear elfs are busy getting ready for the holidays. Ruby is testing out a snow sled and Vern is making sure the drum is loud enough. These little bear elfs are only 2.25 inches tall (not counting their long hats!) Each has a heart shaped button nose, a snowflake shaped button on their tummy, bells on the ends of their hats and comes with the associated miniature toy.
I'll post more to do some holiday shopping!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall and All

Well, I'm trying to catch up on things. October and November were very busy months where I had to put all my needlework aside to deal with other issues. I did however manage to make Flyte, a pretty pink fairy bunny. She's a tiny fairy bunny that flutters around and pops in for a visit when you least expect it, but sometimes you see her coming when the light flashes off the 3 Swarovski crystals on her necklace! Her name is Flyte (pronounced "flight") which means 'flutter' in fairy bunnyese. She is a miniature fairy bear standing only 2.25 inches tall which makes her equivalent to about 20 inches on a 1:12 doll house scale.
I also made Leif, a fall panda. Leif is ready for fall with his tiny acorn dangling around his neck and his pumpkin fresh from the pumpkin patch. He's a bit confused though because he really doesn't want to cut into the pumpkin to make it a Jack-O-Lantern. His name is Leif (pronounced "leaf") which means 'pumpkin patch' in pandese. Leif is also a miniature panda standing only 2.25 inches tall which makes him equivalent to about 24 inches on a 1:12 doll house scale.
Then in November I was able to make little Candie. Candie is a tiny little bear that loves candy canes! Now that the holidays are approaching she can't wait to go to the store and get some. She's is wearing her favorite pink dress, which has a pretty pink heart on the bodice, along with it's matching hat, and is waiting for the candy store to open. There is a tiny little button in the back so she can take her dress off easily when she's ready to change outfits. Her name is Candie (pronounced "Can-dee") means 'Candy Cane' in bearese. Candie stands at 1.75 inches tall which makes her equivalent to about 18 inches on a 1:12 doll house scale.
I'm currently working on a creation for a challenge about Santa's Workshop. Then I will start designing new creations for the coming year!
Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Thread Artist Guild held a challenge to create a bear dressed for a Masquerade Ball with a removable mask. I decided to try something a little different for it this time. Thus Quinn was born.
Quinn kindly allowed me to take pictures of him as he was dressed for the Masquerade Ball. This time Quinn decided to go as a Harlequin Court Jester. He has his jester hat, mask and Scepter made from polymer clay to match his costume. His name is Quinn (pronounced "Cuwin") which means 'jokester' in bearese.
Quinn is a micro bear standing only 1.75 inches tall which makes him equivalent to about 18 inches on a 1:12 doll house scale. His eyes are slightly shaded to give them added depth. His jester hat and mask are removable and made from polymer clay, as is his jester scepter.
He was alot of fun to make and I will be making more mixed media bears in the future :-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Peach of a Bear

~ Peachy - A Teddy Bear Fairy ~ 5-Way Jointed and only 3.25 Inches Tall Standing ! A Peachtree Cottage™ Teddy Bear Fairyby Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage ™ Bears
I thought I'd share a picture of my newest creation, Peachy. I diverted from making my normal miniature thread crochet bears to making a little sewn mini bear. This is only the 2nd one I've ever made. She came out quite well and I'm pretty sure I will be making more of these little sewn bears in the coming months.
Here's Peachy's description:
Peachy is very shy, so she loves to hang around the peach trees where she blends right in. She even smells of sweet Georgia Peaches as she has spent so many warm summer days in the orchard among them. Peachy (pronounced "pea-Chee") means 'juicy sweet' in fairy bearese.
Peachy stands at 3.25 inches tall and is made from soft peach furry fabric. Her eyes are slightly shaded along with her paws and footpads to give them added depth. Her wings are shaded from peachy tan going out to green and are semi transparent. Her necklace is a hand stitched lariat with green leaves dangling from Swarovski Crystals. She will arrive with a signed picture certificate of authenticity.
Peachy is a peach color fairy bear with wings shaded from peachy tan going out to green and are semi transparent. Her necklace is a hand stitched lariat with green leaves dangling from Swarovski Crystals.She is scented with the aroma of Georgia Peaches.
She has already sold and will be going to the UK for her new home. Quite the little traveler isn't she?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's been too long

Well, It's been too long since I posted here...mainly because so much has been going on. Since my last post I've made some bears and bunnies to go to the IDEX (International Doll Exposition) in Las Vegas at the end of June. Pieris, Lambikins and Betsy went to IDEX. All of them have found new homes including as far away as Norway! I've also been working on my newest creation, Buzzbee. I've started making micro bears again (micros are the ones under 2 inches tall standing). So far I've made Chanelle and McKinley, and I'm working on more. I also had to deal with my air conditioning breaking down during the middle of July and it taking nearly a week to get it properly repaired. Ugh...there was no way I could sit and work on bears, or on the computer during was just too hot!! But that's all fixed now. That's it for now. I'll try to post again when my next creation is finished.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Finally I've gotten done the majority of the paperwork and marketing materials for the IDEX show that the Thread Artist Guild(R) is attending. It was alot of design work and rework and edits, but I think we got it all done correctly :-) That's a huge sigh of relief from me and frees up some of my time again. Now I can make more bears and bunnies! Whoo Hoo! My doily orders are done. My candle and sachet orders are done. I'm currently working on my creation to go to the IDEX show and hope to have a picture of it completed to show here soon :-) Sachets? Did I mention I now offer sachets available for sale? These are wonderfully scented sachets in a wide variet of fragrances. Here's a picture of them. If you want to know how to order them or what scents are available you can find that information on my main website: /bearhugs, Mary

Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting a bit more done

Today has been a productive day. I was able to ship off some of my doilies that sold. I completed a bear that had been ordered. I also worked on the marketing materials for IDEX and completed the give away item. Over the weekend I had a bit of time to work on a new pattern too. I finished the notations and am in the middle of stitching it up to test it out. If it comes out the way I view it in my head then I'll have someone test the pattern for me. If that goes well then I should have a new pattern available soon. Tomorrow will be a busy day out doing errands. I need to pick up some supplies and threads for a couple of doily orders as well as checking on a new video card for my computer. The card I have now works fine but doesn't have enough memory for some of the programs I use on a regular basis. I'm off to try to get some stitching in tonight before my eyes get Til next time... /hugs, Mary

Friday, April 20, 2007

Giving It A Go...

I've not done any blogging before but thought I'd give it a go and see how well it works for me. Many of you know I have a website (Peachtree Cottage™), belong to the Thread Artist Guild® (Master Artisan), and am the Publisher and Editor for Mini Teddy Hugs™. So to make this site a bit different this will be more of a journal for me. Entries here will be about things I'm working on, frustrations and joys, ideas and concepts, etc. Right now I'm working hard to prepare the marketing materials for the Thread Artist Guild's display at the Las Vegas IDEX Show in June. I think I've finally got the brochure set up where we can use it to display contact info for all the Guild members. It's been a test of my desktop publishing skills to get all the information on one brochure! I'm ready to start working on my creations to go to the IDEX show. I keep having to delay working on them to complete orders or test patterns for friends, etc. I love being busy but things are starting to get to be a tight squeeze to get it all That's it for now. Check back in a couple of days and I'll try to have more. /bearhugs, Mary